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Bella and Luke's fabulous JaxTHRIVE Gala speeches!

Good evening everyone, my name is Luka Malhotra and this is my twin sister Bella. We have the awesome blessing of being neighbors with the Magnano family!

Serving in JaxTHRIVE is important to us because simply put, helping others less fortunate is what God calls us to do. It’s that simple: these kids and young people need us!

JaxTHRIVE will help you become a better person because it helps you appreciate the simple things that you have.

You will remember everything that we take for granted like clean water and the ability to have access to talk to someone and ask for help. When you invest in others, you also invest in yourself because you enable your compassion and empathy muscle to grow. Helping people makes you feel good!

When you can go to bed and know that you helped someone in a positive manner, it's a strong sentiment. I think we all want to feel more like that but it takes discipline to make the time in your life to serve. When you do something that brings together God’s people for His kingdom, you see His heart shine... and that my friends is what life is all about.

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Bella. "Don't ever question the value of volunteers. Volunteers build Noah's Ark; professionals built the Titanic." Dave Glynn

JaxThrive is a special place with so many opportunities to help! Most adolescents are either unsure how they can volunteer or figure their strength can't help anyone. If you're a kid, you can make an impact by tutoring on a Zoom call, joining one of the JaxTHRIVE clubs, or becoming an ambassador at your school for JaxTHRIVE. "Life's most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?" Martin Luther King, Jr.

The love the Magnano's give to the programs they create is distinctive and exceptional. I hope you have the chance to experience the wonders of JaxTHRIVE. My brother and I thank you for your time!

Bella and Luke are some of our youngest JaxTHRIVE volunteers. They are always willing to jump in and help when we cannot find an available tutor! They are lifesavers!



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