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Saying goodbye to our dedicated JaxTHRIVE volunteer Kajal - who is starting medical school!

These past 2 years of volunteering with JaxTHRIVE have been nothing short of amazing. When I stumbled upon this opportunity online, I did not expect that I would be virtually building deep connections with so many bright kids all the way from Massachusetts.

Something I realized early on was that volunteering with this organization was more than just

providing educational assistance. It was also an opportunity to provide a safe space where kids could freely talk about their day and any problems they encountered. I enjoyed listening to the kids talk about some cool science experiments they did in school, but I was also glad I could be there for them when they wanted to talk to me about some kids who were not being very nice to them.

Many of these students don’t talk to their parents about these matters because they don’t want to put additional stress on their families. Not many people, including myself, can relate to the experiences these kids and their families have gone through. However, I learned that the least I could do was be a person these kids could turn to if they wanted to talk about anything.

This was just one of the several invaluable lessons I learned while volunteering with this

incredible organization. I know that everything I learned will help me interact with the community during the next phase of my professional journey, medical school, and beyond. I cannot wait to share this experience with my classmates with the hopes of broadening their perspectives on refugee children in America.



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