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New Wellness Program! By Sophia Venturello, Paxton High School 9th grader

I wanted to join a service organization that had an impact on my local community so when I heard about the mission of JaxTHRIVE, I was immediately interested in being a part of it. The latest experience with JaxTHRIVE was a wellness retreat day focused on self-care held on Monday, February 20th. We started the day with yoga and discussed nutrition and healthy eating with local girls in the community. The yoga was challenging for some, but I think we all had a great time bending our bodies and relaxing together. Good nutrition is about taking care of ourselves but self-care is more than just physical, it’s spiritual and mental wellness as well.

I love my interaction with the girls and volunteers involved JaxTHRIVE at the wellness retreat. Most of the volunteers are other high school girls like myself and I am getting to know them as we do more activities together. I was able to make great connections with the girls who attended the retreat and talk to them about their challenges, joys, and interests. What I love about volunteering is meeting people from different areas of the world, the country, and our city and finding out about our differences but understanding that we are all more alike than we know.

By Sophia Venturello



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